Dataminds was founded in 2008 by Kim Lillesøe and Torben Friis Møller, and has delivered competent Business Intelligence solutions since then.

In 2010, Kasper Pilman Kristensen joined Dataminds as a partner. All partners have more than 15 years of experience with projects within Data Warehousing, Data Mining, data visualisation and Big Data Analytics, thus they are specialists in Business Intelligence solutions.

I Dataminds, every consultant is either an economist or studying economics and business-related topics at the university. This means that we only deliver Business Intelligence solutions that take the earning possibilities of your business as their starting point.

In 2014, we were granted with the "Gazelle Price" ("Gazelleprisen") by Børsen, a Danish business-oriented newspaper.

Business understanding first

In all business cases, Dataminds starts with understanding of the business. We search for an area with a business potential that we can help you utilising.

We always familiarise ourselves with where your business is in the need of a Business Intelligence Solution and how it can be implemented optimally regarding your earnings.

Time is money. Therefore, earnings can be boosted by streamlining your use of data and optimise working- and reporting processes. We can help you with this.

Dataminds' project model

Both regarding large and small firms, we suggest solutions and tools from a cost-benefit point of view based on potential versus resources. A lean and scalable approach to Analytics that always start with a Proof of Concept.

Afterwards, we handle data related to the solution and collaborate with you in making a data-setup. We then use Data Analytics to gain insights in your data.

We follow up with a visualisation of the insights we got from Data Analytics.

Through the process, you are always able to contact a Business Intelligence project manager who has the responsibility of the project.