Customer Surveys

Do you want direct access to knowing what your customers think and say? Then, a customer survey from Dataminds is a valuable tool.

We have many years of expertise in covering customer satisfaction levels for different businesses through online surveys etc. We have worked with several different models and customised solutions that have improved customer satisfaction in firms across markets.

If you want us to find out how your customers think about you, feel free to contact us. We are ready!

We show you the value

We develop the survey setup that matches your business, market etc. in close cooperation with you. This ensures that the questions will provide you with the exactly the data that has the greatest potential for creating value for your business.

Vi implement and analyse

We collect data electronically, through our own online system, and handles the data management process. Afterwards, our theoretically founded and professional tools ensure a profound analytical insight in the collected data.

We report and distribute

We report and distribute your results and findings in the format that matches your wishes and resources. For instance, we offer reports through an online portal, Power BI dashboards and well-known Office tools.


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Dataminds ensures


  • Professionel and safe handling of data
  • Consultancy from our consultants throughout the process
  • Concrete and useful results



“We have worked with Dataminds through a number of years. What I like about them is that we have a good dialogue, with room for us to suggest new subjects and changes. Dataminds is not a heavy organisation, on the contrary, we are met with patience when needed, for instance when there are challenges with data extraction. There is a great amount of flexibility, so despite our challenges with internal coordination and data extraction, we can keep to the schedule we have agreed upon.

Our experience is that we are being helped with formulating questions that are useful for surveys. There is a high answer rate, which is a sign that everything works regarding the customers, we serve. Furthermore, we experience a professional back-and-forth about similar surveys in the future. Our lasting cooperation is also a result of a good balance between the costs and the work, Dataminds delivers. They are open for giving us the ability to buy extra services as add-ons. I think other firms, that are like us, that do not have a department for providing the organisation with surveys of this type, will also find Dataminds’ services relevant.”

Søren Boe
Business Development Manager
Trioplast Industries AB

Why customer surveys?


Our customer surveys provide you with insights in satisfaction levels and loyalty of your customers. Who are the core customers? Who is leaving? And how is NPS evaluated?

Besides a segmentation of the customers, our surveys give you concrete suggestions to which parameters that needs priority to reduce customer decrease, increase satisfaction and maintain the good relations.



We are always up for a non-committal talk, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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