Put customers first with enact

Enact measures the performance of the business in every contact point. Listen to the customers, get feedback on the actions of both the employees and the business, while the actions are still in recent memory, and learn from the feedback.

Confront the silo mentality

Remove barriers between departments with a complete overview of all the business’ contact points across the value chain and use the in-house benchmark to identify and prioritise the actions of improvement.

Results in real time

Real time updates with customer feedback ensures that you know what happens – when it happens.

Text analyses of customer comments to cover the underlying cause and understanding of customers’ challenges.

360 degree customer overview

All data is linked to the customer so you can dive into the data and look at the loyalty across contact points, surveys and time. Follow through on costumers with critical responses and assign the follow-up process to relevant employees to improve substandard customer experiences quickly and effectively.



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Kasper Pilman Kristensen

Kasper Pilman Kristensen

Consultant and Partner
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