Many of the best forecasting models and -tools are currently available as open source-technologies. This means that firms can start optimising and adjust their business based on state of the art forecasting algorithms, without investing in expensive software.

In Dataminds, we are on the forefront of the development of forecasting techniques and -technologies, and we have built processes, data models, solutions and dashboards based on the latest developments within forecasting.

Let us help you getting started with forecasting. We deliver customised solutions that take your business as their starting point.


With Dataminds, the following is ensured:

  • Cost-benefit based approach to the quality of the forecasting
  • Effective working procedures
  • Continuos development
  • Reliable and scaleable setup
We show you the value

We quantify the problem, present concrete solutions and in cooperation with you, we test their value with respect to your business.

We implement the solution

We implement an operation setup that matches the needs of your business. Our forecasting solutions can either stand alone or be integrated in your existing IT- and reporting environment.

We support and/or operate

After handing over the solution to you, we provide ongoing service, focusing on improvements of both the quality of the forecasting and the technical setup. Furthermore, we can operate your solution and, in that way, ensure maintenance and guarantee fast support.


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Why forecastning?

Forecasting of future demand is of great value in many situations. A precise forecast is often critical when making decisions regarding future investments, planning of staffing levels, controlling of supply chain and stock along with many other areas. Precise forecasts contribute to large cost reductions and are important in guaranteeing safety of delivery and creating a good customer experience which in the end has a positive effect on the earnings of your business.

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