Easy and safe poll system - online

Stemonline - literally translated as "Pollonline" - is an electronic poll system that is stable and safe, without unnecessary and disturbing features. The system is developed for the wants of our customers and yet, it is flexible when new needs arise.

Supports the poll process as a whole

Dataminds support the whole election process. We handle everything from preparing the list of candidates to ensuring safe and effective voting in a confidential and effortless manner.

Developed in collaboration with lawyers

Stemonline is developed in collaboration with the Danish law firm “Energi og Miljø” (“Energy and Environment”). Therefore, we guarantee a standard that supports a safe and efficient completion of your poll.

Login with NemID

The use of the Danish common secure login, NemID, ensures usability and accessibility, regardless of how voters want to vote from their desktops, tablets or smartphones.

We have experience with a broad range of polls and surely, we also support yours.
  • Consumer polls
  • Council elections
  • Employee polls
  • Public elections
  • Combination polls
We simplify the carrying out of the electronic poll by doing it through nine steps and support you during the whole process.
  1. Nomination of candidates
  2. Preparation of own website with information regarding election and candidates
  3. Definition of those entitled to vote (members, customers, citizens)
  4. Drawing of list of those entitled to vote
  5. Validation of data, including check of dublicates and making of address fields
  6. Loading of those entitled to vote to the election system and setup of candidates
  7. You testing the setup and approving
  8. Polling
  9. Delivery of the result



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Kasper Pilman Kristensen

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Lene Nørtoft

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