Asset Management in SE Energy & Climate

The Challenge

In Asset Management in SE, investment in and maintenance of plants, wires, cables, etc. in SE. This is done to all assets that are important regarding security of supply in SE’s network. The challenge was

  • All data on the assets are gathered in SE’s web networks and information about breakdowns and maintenance are gathered in other of SE's networks.
  • These systems are optimised with respect to the operations but are not directly usable in achieving a data-driven reinvestment plan.

Therefore, SE had a wish to reconsider all assets from consequence and risk. Thereby, an objective prioritisation creates basis for a precise planning and budgeting.

The Solution

In a close collaboration between Dataminds and Asset Management in SE, a model to put a score on all assets and their risk of breakdown was made. The model was based on data from the existing system, statistics of failure, know-how of the engineers and mathematical models for Asset Management. The probability of breakdown for a given asset was made and combined with the consequences of a breakdown. The system was built with a dashboard frontend that makes a prioritised approach to reinvestments and an overview of future reinvestment needs possible. All data processes are automated and ensure an effective working procedure.

The Value

Today, SE has a tool that ensures a data-driven prioritising of reinvestment in SE’s fixed assets. The prioritising is done from a gross evaluation of both consequences of breakdown and risk of breakdown. In calculation of consequence and risk, several parameters, that are a part of the evaluation, are incorporated. Overview of the prioritising is an important input regarding the subsequent planning of activities. At the same time, the overview ensures an evaluation of future investment needs.