Budget distribution model for Health and Care

The Challenge

Health and Care in Aarhus Municipality has historically handled the allocation of their budget to home care and nursing to their areas based on a model made from characteristics of the individual areas or care districts. The model was built on care district-level where information about composition and size of the individual care district is the basis for allocation of the budget. The challenge with the existing method was:

  • That the calculation was relatively complicated to update
  • That the method was difficult to expand to include new and better information about the care district; information that is continuously compiled in various IT-systems

Therefore, Health and Care set a target to build a method of calculating the expected need for home care and nursing for the individual citizen, based on the characteristics of the individual citizen.

The Solution

Based on Dataminds’ “backbone” of competences, processes and system approach in analytics, Dataminds has, together with Health and Care, built an engine that, from all the available information about the individual citizen, estimates the expected need for home care and nursing. The expectations of the citizens can be summed to district level. In this way, the sum of individual needs makes up the baseline (bottom up).

The solution is made with automatic data flows from beginning to end and can be continuously expanded with knowledge about the citizens to improve the objective budget allocation between the districts.

Health and Care makes the final estimation and takes care of the operation themselves. The education in doing so has furthermore been incorporated throughout the project.

The Value

Health and Care in Aarhus Municipality currently has a strong foundation for making an objective budget allocation based on the need for home care and nursing that is expected in each district. The method is so flexible that, for all relevant circumstances where Health and Care has data available, it is possible to incorporate these into the setup without changing the procedure or method. The method is sustainable and Health and Care can continually make the necessary updates themselves. Eventual organisational changes can also be handled if the need arises. Moreover, the method is so general that it can be used for budget allocation in other areas of Health and Care – only modelling of another need is required.