Calculation of potential and implementation

The Challenge is Denmark’s largest marketplace for landlords, tenants and house hunters. Moreover, it connects buyers and sellers of real estate. has a very large share of the Danish market when it comes to property letting. The challenge for Boligportal was that the potential in the market was unknown, both overall and based on the different segments.

The Solution

Dataminds gathered data from all costumers of Boligportal, its history of advertising, CVR (central firm register), BBR (central property register) and movement history of citizens from Danmarks Statistik; the national bureau of statistics. After match and data cleaning, Dataminds delivered a full market report with the market share of Boligportal divided into geography, type of housing etc. Afterwards, a set of data mining-models that converted the BBR housing aggregate into expected movements per year was made. Based on output from the models and match of data, Dataminds delivered a main report where the total potential with respect to performance was put together. The results were decomposed to customer level. Boligportal now has two tools that: 1. Provides insight in potential across the market and its segments and 2. Identifies customers with a large unexploited potential for a concrete segment.

The Value now has a complete market overview and can evaluate all investments and marketing activities with respect to a concrete potential. Furthermore, the operational report has made capable of consider segments with a low market share and afterwards make focused strategies for customers with unexploited potential. The analysis with comparing a calculated potential with a concrete performance for the individual customer is a data mining-solution that is implementable across markets and industries. To see more, visit Henrik Løvig, CEO