Customer feedback at all levels

The Challenge

Trioplast have a mission of being a natural part of their customers' competitiveness and they have a number of core values that make being as close as the customers as possible of great importance. Trioplast's challenge is:

  • That when you are a relatively small organisation with a relatively large salesforce distributed across three divisions as well as customers and sales offices in many European countries, to create an overview of the customers’ perception of the partnership that Trioplast offers.
  • That it becomes comprehensive when you want to get better at utilising knowledge and experience across markets, if you do not have the tools to structure your work.

Where some firms have departments or resources dedicated to accomplishing customer satisfaction surveys and doing the follow-up, Trioplast’s organisation does not have the size necessary to be leading in this function. Therefore, they have chosen to cooperate with Dataminds, that handles all tasks from project management, making of surveys, data collection and production of reports. In this way, Trioplast have chosen to use their energy where they can make the greatest difference themselves regarding resource usage, namely in the roll-out of customer feedback and in starting up initiatives in the follow-up.

The Solution

Trioplast have chosen a cycle where customer satisfaction is measured and looked at every second year. To start each survey, the framework of questions is revised. In this way, they keep a number of questions fixed whose development over time is strategically important to follow. Furthermore, they are supplemented by a number of questions that measure topical areas where further follow-up is wanted. For instance, Trioplast has recently rolled out several branding initiatives, including a new magazine, of which they want to measure the effect on customers.

For the survey, a representative share of Trioplast’s customers are invited. To get as precise answers as possible, it is important that customers understand the full content of the survey. Therefore, the survey is done in nine languages. All the way through the data collection, answer statistics are monitored and sales employees are involved in following up on customers. These initiatives contribute to a high response rate.

Dataminds deliver an overall report for the concern and reports focused on the three divisions. The reports are used for presentations. Moreover, the strategic reports are supplemented with an Excel-pivot made for the ability to zoom in on results for each customer, customer types, sales employees, countries etc.

All content is made so that Trioplast are able to do presentations for the head of divisions and so that Trioplast easily and effectively can roll out the results for the individual salesman.

The Value

All levels in the organisation are involved in the customer satisfaction survey; from the CEO, who is the sender of information mails to customers, to the head of divisions, who have the responsibility of starting initiatives, such as following up on the survey, and to the many sales employees. The latter are responsible for notifying the customers of completion of the survey and receive a report with answers from their own customers. When the entire organisation is involved in the process, the awareness of Trioplast’s core values, RELIABLE, LONG-TERM & ACTIVE, from which the survey takes its starting point, increases.