Electronic Representatives Board Election

The Challenge

Through several years, Farum District Heating have elected their representatives for the group of private shareholders manually. The challenge regarding manual polling was the acquisition of all information, the division into groups, sorting owners and renters, packing envelopes with the right number of voting papers per consumer, making a list of candidates and acquiring the results after the election and getting all the material out on time. After the election’s deadline, the next step was the time-consuming work with manually counting the results and checking the auditor and management to ensure that the election rules were followed. All in all, a comprehensive working process.

The Solution

Farum District Heating’s general manager, Nighat Kamal, had, through his network, heard that Dataminds earlier on had done elections for other firms, including utility services. A meeting with Dataminds was set up with participation from the election committee of the group of private shareholders and Farum District Heating. Followed by the meeting were some positive phone conversations with consultant and partner, Kasper Pilman Kristensen, Dataminds. Based on information from Farum District Heating, he constructed an electronic polling program that matched the challenges of the firm. Based on the presentation from Kasper Pilman Kristensen, the board of directors decided to try a transition from a manual to an electronic election.

The Value

The election was done without any problems – a very agile system. Everything was set up with great expertise from Kasper Pilman Kristensen and worked like a charm!

- It was very exciting that we could log in and follow the election almost hour by hour. We got the result itself in almost the same second, the election was over, which meant that we immediately could see the result, knowing that it was correct.

With the electronic election, many hours of manual work at many levels of Farum District Heating was saved.

- And for our voters it was of great value that they could access Stemonline’s website directly from any computer. Furthermore, it was a great advantage that they could be at home, holiday home, work etc. and comfortably vote for the selected candidates. To take the consumers that did not own a computer into account, we had set up a computer at the plant, they could use, free of charge.