Lead overview for sales

The Challenge

Grundfos wanted to grow in areas related to their core products. They requested that the sales force had an increased focus on selling of services, spare parts etc. To facilitate sales, Grundfos needed a tool where it was possible for the sales force to utilise years of knowledge and experience with sales triggers in service, spare parts etc.

The Solution

Together with Grundfos, Dataminds created a tool for generating lead. Each month, it delivers the most relevant cross-sales for each sales employee in services, spare parts etc. Generating leads is done from a combination of sales history, customer characteristics, product characteristics and Grundfos’ knowledge about circumstances that increase the possibility that a customer has a concrete need for services, spare parts etc. All decision-making rules and algorithms are automatic and designed for generating new leads each month on a Microsoft SQL Server. The sales employees quickly form an overview of the leads across costumers and the costumers’ sales history in an Excel Dashboard solution that is linked to the Microsoft SQL Server.

The Value

In the preliminary stage, the lead generating tool and the process was tested in 15 countries. The test countries performed 25% better than countries that did not participate in the project. Afterwards, the project has continually been expanded to more countries. Currently, the tool is running with automatically updated leads that ensure fast delivery to the sales employees. Furthermore, the tool has passed a “proof of concept”. Generating lead is therefore being expanded to SAP CRM and not exclusively as an Excel Dashboard solution. Jesper Olesen, Manager, Sales & Pricing Excellence, Grundfos