System for resource controlling

The Challenge

SE were in a situation where the long-run forecasting and ressource controlling were missing an operational transition to the daily fleet controlling. The challenge was a complicated demand pattern with a wide range of different project types and resources with very different competences. A complicated match that continuously created bottlenecks despite excess capacity.

The Solution

In cooperation with SE, Dataminds analysed the problem by reviewing working procedures and systems from the forecasting of fleet controlling. Based on the analysis, Dataminds made a planning tool that, together with project planning and resource allocation, gave SE an updated overview of the resource situation. The planning tool now provides SE with a detailed overview of the resource situation and down to competence level. More than 100 technicians are being handled in the system and more “drawer Excel-reports” are replaced by real time-updated Excel reports. The solution ensures a new and better overview with only limited changes to the existing working procedures.

The Value

With the new link between forecasting and fleet controlling, SE has an overview of the resource- and competence situation that has made them able to streamline the production and still handle the same number of tasks. Moreover, the system ensures efficient working procedures in relation to SOP reporting, daily meetings etc.