We are specialists in the areas of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Business Process Management. We combine strong competences within statistical analysis, data processing and IT, and we create intelligent solutions that support the decision-making processes of our customers.

We deliver solutions in three main areas

Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Churn Modelling, predictive analyses, simulation, scenario building, forecasting, NPS. Read more
Process optimisation, data modelling, robotics, automation, implementation, integration, IT-solutions. Read more
Designing of BI setup, interaction between IT and humans, building of competences, resource management, performance management, process planning. Read more



From Business Potential to Business Performance

We have many years of experience with project management and use the same model of delivery in all our projects. We focus on three essential steps that make it possible to deliver the best solutions and to transform our clients’ business potential into business performance.


The first step is a process of data acquisition. Dataminds help identifying the most relevant data proportional to the relevant challenges. We undertake both a consulting and a participating role. In that way we help providing data from the relevant sources together with transforming these into usable, analysable data.


After this the phase of analysis follows. Here, we exploit our theoretical proficiency in Business Analytics to work out an econometric model that gives you the best possible insight into the challenge of your business.


The last step involves the presentation of the results where we deliver anything from decision supporting reports and dashboards for integrated solutions that automate your firm’s decision- and planning processes. Regardless of the concrete solution we ensure that you have the possibility of digging into the results, filtering on the relevant dimensions and obtain a more complete overview of the challenges to your business. This means that you can identify your next step and transform business potential into business performance.



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Kim Lillesøe

Kim Lillesøe

Founder and Partner
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Torben Friis Møller

Torben Friis Møller

Founder and Partner
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Kasper Pilman Kristensen

Kasper Pilman Kristensen

Consultant and Partner
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