We offer strategic consultancy in Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data and Business Analytics. We have many years of experience from different project types and cases and we have developed a unique ability to see challenges from new points of view.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the unification of applications, humans, infrastructure and tools that give your business the opportunity to access and analyse data. In this way, you can improve and optimise the decisions and performance of your business.

Business Intelligence has become a necessity for both private and public enterprises and can lead to cost reductions, better and faster decision-making processes as well as easier identification of new business opportunities.

A successful Business Intelligence-setup does not only require a good IT-solution, but depends also on effective implementation, the right competences and on the interaction between IT and humans. We advise you in all aspects of your Business Intelligence-setup and support you through each phase of the process.

Performance management

In cooperation with your business, we find the parameters that your business should measure its performance based on. Together with you, we choose the right KPI’s with respect to the strategy of your business, and with integrated Performance Management we create transparency across the firm. This helps your employees and departments with working towards the same goals.

We help with the advisory part of performance management and we make sure, that the implementation is done flawlessly.



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Kim Lillesøe

Founder and Partner
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Torben Friis Møller

Founder and Partner
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We are specialists in the areas of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Business Process Management. We combine strong competences within statistical analysis, data processing and IT, and we create intelligent solutions that support the decision-making processes of our customers.



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