Even though process optimisation usually involves an IT-solution, a project managed by us always begins with a deeper understanding of your business.

Process optimisation

The main purpose of process optimisation is to create a solution that creates transparency and overview of your firm’s processes. This also involves gaining an insight in the potential improvements of different processes in your business. This will, however, differ between businesses. Therefore, understanding your business with respect to where we can be most effective, is important to us before creating an IT-solution for you.

Our IT-solutions include flexible and intelligent software development that supports Business Analytics, optimisation and insightful data visualisation.

Data modelling

No analysis is better than its data foundation and therefore, we start each project by making a data setup that ensures consistency and comprehensiveness regarding your needs in both data flows and -storage.

We have many years of experience with different types of analyses and are experts in organising your data so that it matches your specific challenge and analysis.

We typically use and recommend Microsoft SQL to build our data models, but we also make solutions in Microsoft Azure for instance.



Robotics covers a wide range of techniques for automating processes. It includes both fully and partly automating processes that are usable in several applications and with different degrees of complexity. All to be able to release resources from standardised tasks.
Time is money, and with Robotics we can deliver automated solutions that make it possible to search large databases, assist your business with planning tasks, or a myriad of other time-optimising processes. Common for all our Robotics-solutions are that they release resources so your employees obtain time for their core assignments and use their core competencies instead of spending a lot of time administrating and search through large quantities of data. The focus of our solutions is always on giving you the most value-for-money possible, and with our IT-skills, Robotics is a natural baseline for creating valuable automating in your business.
Crawling and Scraping are two closely related methods for searching for and extracting information from websites, local servers, or other data sources to a database. Tasks that would require a lot of time to do manually can instead be executed as automatic processes that are able to help you with everything from market analyses to forecasting.
In Dataminds, we handle all parts of the process, which involves both a setup for extracting relevant data from the right sources, cleaning of the drawn data and structuring the data for easy loading. The final product is a clear database with relevant data to enlighten exactly the parts of the business, that you need. For instance, we can deliver automated data extraction, based on API, from open databases such as national statistics agencies. In this way, you will always be updated with the most recent data. To sum up, Crawling and Scraping are very effective tools for doing otherwise very resource demanding assignments.
In Dataminds, we help you with the implementation of our solutions so they can become a part of your daily routine and create value for your business. Whatever the processes are supposed to help you in making business decisions or release employee resources, our focus is that you, as easily as possible, can use these processes.
In the end, the goal of creating processes is value creation in your business. In Dataminds, we combine understanding of business with strong competences in IT, to help you exploit the possibilities of automated processes optimally. A solution from us is thereby a method to transform business potential into business performance.



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