Activate your data with BIG

Have you considered that your data can be of large commercial value for your customers, suppliers or other business partners? BIG combines Advanced Analytics, customised visualisations and ideal sharing tools in one platform. This makes your data an asset in itself!

Cloud-based data platform

BIG is a cloud-based data platform based on Power BI where your suppliers can gain outstanding commercial insights.

Supplement to your core business

With BIG, you can share your data with relevant stakeholders and hereby complement your core business with a product that creates significant value to the whole value chain.

Customised product

With BIG, we offer both customised visualisations and a selection of prespecified modules that address either suppliers, customers, business partners or other stakeholders.

BIG adjusted to your needs

You can either start cheaply and easily with big.dataminds.com or get your own BIG-portal, with its own domain name, customised for your organisation.

With big.dataminds.com, you can easily share data, reports and files without large start-up costs.

Get your reports out and living where the users are

Make BIG a part of your own systems. We can help you integrate Power BI Embedded in your systems, websites, intranet, SharePoint etc.

Convey your insights internally within the organisation

Get more out of your data and make them accessible for your organisation

  • Analyse and visualise your data with Power BI
  • Share your reports with your organisation
  • Solve your challenges regarding GDPR by design
  • Advanced filesharing with controlling of access levels and versions

Convey your insights with others outside the organisation

Give life to your data and share your insights with external stakeholders

  • Turn your data into a commercial product
  • Share the firms’ insights with customers and suppliers
  • Get an overview of who reads your reports
  • Use Power BI to convey your knowledge to the value chain



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Kim Lillesøe

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